About Us:

Manuel A. Delgado & Associates (MDA), a Civil Engineering Consulting firm, established Hydrologic Science Inc., due to the increased in
demand for Water Resources Engineering in Southern California.
Mr. Delgado, founder of Hydrologic Science Inc., decided to start a consulting firm that specializes in the
engineering and analysis of Water Resources. The firm covers hydrology and hydraulics, and the complete
spectrum of water, from surface runoff and ground water to domestic and waste water treatment.

The firm’s intent is to provide consulting services, utilizing the latest technical engineering methods,
to design prismatic
(brilliant) engineering systems.  

As a Third generation of Registered Civil Engineers, graduated from the same Engineering College,
University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, with concentrations in Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering,
Mr. Delgado had the opportunity to work for several Public Agencies in Southern California. These agencies included L.A.  and Ventura Counties
Flood Control Districts (Supervising CE & CE III, respectively); he also worked for the Coachella Valley Water District for waste water treatment (CE)
and, as a Chief Engineer for the Indian Wells Valley Water District for domestic water and ground water recharge applications.

With the experience gained from Public Agencies, and the training and education obtained from California State Universities, including
California State University in Los Angeles, California Polytechnic in Pomona, and
University of California in Riverside where he was
Certified as a Systems Engineer, Mr. Delgado developed a very effective approach for the solution and implementation of engineering projects.

Mr. Delgado has over 25 year experience in the public and private sectors, covering New York, Florida and California, his experience includes
the planning, design and construction of flood control projects,
waste water treatment facilities, and domestic water systems.

Mr. Delgado’s work experience
includes working with the Department
of Water Resources, the Corp of Engineers, FEMA, DHS, AQMD, and most of
Southern California County Agencies. Additional experience includes preparation
of Drainage Master Plans, CLOMRS/LOMRS, Water Quality Reports, and design
and Construction Management for Domestic, Waste and Recycled Water Systems.

Our Approach:

“Our approach for the design and implementation of engineering applications, is
based on maximizing the efficiency of engineering systems, utilizing standard and
innovative engineering methods, as well as the applicable latest technology, in
order to effectively reduce the cost of the proposed improvements”

We have repetitive clients because they trust
Hydrologic Science’s engineering approach in
providing cost effective solutions for engineering

Manuel A. Delgado, P.E., C.S.E,
President & CEO                                           
“Due to the October 2004 wildfires in San Bernardino
County, the San Bernardino County Flood Control
District requested engineering design services for The
Emergency Protective Measures and Repairs Project for
various basins throughout San Bernardino County.

The County was concerned with the possible increased
debris flows caused by the fire damage plugging basin
outlet drains and causing flow obstructions to
downstream culvert crossings.

The scope of work included assessing debris potential
and designing debris reduction measures for a number
of debris and detention basins along the foothills.  
Based on the Natural Resources Conservation District
grant application requirements, the work needed to be
completed within a very short time frame.”

“Mr. Delgado, as Project Manager, coordinated the project
effectively with department staff and managed to complete
the design and construction documents within the very
restricted time line and under budget.”

Jim Borcuk, P.E.
Chief, Engineering Division
San Bernardino County Flood Control District, CA