Location: Various; Buffalo NY , Palm Springs & Palmdale , CA  Agencies:
    EPA, L. A., & Riverside Counties , CA .

    Mr. Delgado as a Project Manager performed several hydrologic studies
    for residential/commercial, cogeneration power plants, solar and wind
    generation sites. The scope of work included watershed management,
    offsite and onsite hydrology, drainage improvements and coordination
    with public agencies.  

    Background experience also includes hydrology and hydraulic studies for
    reclamation, landfills, and petrochemical projects.

    Type: Flood Control, Sedimentation
    Location: Sand Canyon , San Bernardino , CA
    Agencies: San Bernardino County Flood Control District
    & Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCD)

    Working together with San Bernardino County and the
    NRCD, Mr. Delgado  provided an innovative design for
    detaining debris and sedimentation generated from the
    2004 fire flow season for over 20 debris basins in San Bernardino County
    foothills.  Features: Removable Debris Barriers; Debris Control System;
    Improved Water Quality.

    Type: Hydrology & Floodplain Analysis
    Location: Fish Creek, San Diego & Imperial Counties
    Agencies: San Diego County Flood Control District

    Mr. Delgado as a Project Manager performed unit hydrograph routing
    calculations and determined the floodplain requirements for a Mining
    Operation in San Diego and Imperial Counties .
    Hydrologic Science specializes in Watershed Management and the
    Multidimensional Analysis of Floodplains, Bridges and Culverts hydraulics,
    as well as the design of Flood Control Structures.

    Type: Waste Water Treatment
    Location: City of Indio , CA
    Agency: Coachella Valley Water District

    Mr. Delgado's experience includes  working as a Construction Manager
    and Contract Administrator for the construction of Aeration Reactors for a
    WW Treatment Plant in the Cities of Indio and Palm Desert . He also
    worked in the construction of Tertiary Filtration Systems, Headwork’s
    Improvements, Chlorine Buildings , Force Mains, and Lift Stations.  
    Features: Increased treatment capacity, activated sludge treatment design
    & construction, ceramic diffusers,

    Locations:   City of Palm Desert & Lake Arrowhead, CA
    Agencies:   Coachella Valley Water District;   
            Lake Arrowhead Community Service District.

       Mr. Delgado worked as a Construction Manager and
    Contract Administrator for the construction of 20 MGD
    pumps station in Water Reclamation Plant No. 10, Palm
    Desert . In addition, he worked as a Construction
    Manager for the Green Valley Recycled Pipeline and UV  Disinfection
    System for Lake Arrowhead Community Service District.

    Type: Water Conservation and Distribution
    Location: Various; Kern, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties , CA
    Agencies: Corps of Engineers, Water Districts, DWP, DHS.

    Mr. Delgado as a Project Manager performed several hydraulic studies for
    water conservation in San Bernardino , and water distribution systems. His
    work includes underground water recharge systems, network analysis, water
    rights research, and negotiations. In addition, he performed culvert crossing
    calculations for the Mohave Desert Aqueduct as well as coordinating water
    routing through the DWP aqueduct for Water Districts.

    Type: Hydrology & Drainage Design
    Location: Indio , Riverside County
    Agencies: Riverside County Flood Control District,   
                       CVWD & City of Indio ,

    Mr. Delgado as a Project Manager performed hydrology & hydraulic
    calculations utilizing, WSPG & Riverside County hydrology method in order
    to determine offsite and onsite runoff for a commercial site.

    Features: Performed a hydraulic study with a failure analysis of the
    proposed improvements to identify potential flooding conditions and
    mitigation measures.

Type: Flood Control, Sedimentation & Debris Basins
    Location: City of Glendora , L.A. County
    Agency: L.A. County Flood Control (LACFD)

    As a Senior Engineer, working in the Design Division for LACFCD
    Mr. Delgado designed several debris facilities including Englewild
    (photo), Hook East & West, Pennsylvania Canyon , and California
    Ave. Debris Basins.

    Features: Debris Estimates; Capacity Calculations; Reinforced
    Concrete Structures; Channel & Spillway Design.

    Type: Ground Water & Hydrogeology
    Location: Kings River , Sanger-Centerville
    Agencies: County of Fresno & Dept. of Water Resources

    Mr. Delgado represented the County of Fresno & DWR for the Groundwater
    Review of Deep Water Wells and Water Budgets for a Mining Operation
    Expansion Project. Mr. Delgado’s experience includes preparing hydrology,
    hydraulic, hydrogeology studies, and drainage design for mining projects in
    several counties in Southern California, including L.A. , San Bernardino , San
    Diego , and Kern Counties .

    Type: Hydrology & Floodplain Analysis
    Location: 29 Palm Canyon, Riverside County
    Agencies: FEMA, Riverside County Flood Control District,
                       CVWD & City of Indio ,

    Mr. Delgado as a Project Manager performed floodplain and culvert
    calculations utilizing Multidimensional Analysis for a FEMA/CLOMR
    application. The FEMA approved study used HEC-RAS, WSPG &
    FLO-2D in order to determine different alternatives for the
    construction of channels, culverts; and upstream and downstream
    floodplain effects with the proposed improvements.