Selected Project List:


Watersheds & Hydrology Studies:

1.  East Victorville Valley Drainage Master Plan, San Bernardino County, CA
2.  Beaumont Heights Hydrology Study, Riverside County, CA
3.  East Palmdale Valley Drainage Master Plan, L.A. County, CA
4.  Rancho Los Lagos WQMP & Hydrology Study, Imperial County, CA
5.  Fish Creek Hydrology Study, San Diego County, CA


1. Kings River, Volcan Mining Project, Kern County, CA
2. Ridgecrest Groundwater Basin Study, Kern County, CA
3. Rimforest, Surface and Ground Water Study, San Bernardino County, CA
4. Santa Ana River Ground Water Recharge & Conservation Project,
San Bernardino, CA
5. Haz Solid Waste Landfill, Hydrogelogy Study, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Natural Channel Hydraulics

Floodplain Management

1. Malibu Canyon Floodplain, Dam & Bridge Hydraulics, L.A. County, CA
2. Medea Creek Floodplain & Storm Research,  L.A. County, CA
3. Santa Clara River Floodplain, L.A. County, CA
4. Agua Dulce Canyon, L.A. County, CA
5. Sand Canyon, L.A. County, CA

River Restoration & Erosion Control

1. Stokes Canyon Creek, Erosion Control & Invert Stabilizers, Malibu Canyon,
L.A. County, CA
2. San Gabriel River Rubber Dams, L.A. County, CA
3. Big & Little Dalton Wash Invert Repair, L.A. County, CA
4. Laguna Dominguez, Channel & Levee Repairs, L.A. County, CA

Multi-Dimensional Water Surface Modeling

1. Morongo Wash Floodplain, Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County, CA
2. 29 Palms Canyon, Palm Desert,  Riverside County, CA
3.  Mohave River, San Bernardino County, CA
4. Whitewater River, Coachella Valley, Riverside, CA

Software Training

1. Water Surface Profile Gradient, WSPG             
2. F061/LAR04
3. Riverside/San Bernardino Counties, Hydrology Softwares.

Hydraulic Engineering:

Flood Control/Drainage Design

1. Hutton Drive Storm Drain, Beverly Hills, L.A. County, CA
2. San Dimas Rect. Channel Units 2 & 3, L.A. County, CA
3. Line E Channel & Levee, Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County, CA
4.Mollyknoll S. D., City of Wittier, CA

Bridge & Culvert Hydraulics

1. Adams Street Culvert, Indio,  Riverside County, CA
2. Antelope Valley Freeway/ Ave. H, Palmdale. L.A. County, CA
3. Murrieta Springs Road Channel & Culvert, Riverside County, CA
4. Mailbu Canyon/ PCH, L.A. County, CA
5. Mohave Desert Aqueduct, Culvert Crossings, San Bernardino, CA

Detention/Debris Basins

1. Englewild Debris Basin, Glendora, L.A. County, CA
2. Emergency Protective Measures &  Repairs, San Bernardino,
County, CA. (Over 20 Detention/Debris Basins)
3. Hook East & West, City of Glendora, CA
4. California Ave., Debris Basin, City of Wittier, L.A County, CA

Environmental Engineering Services

A)   Domestic Water
B)   Waste Water Treatment  
C)   Recycled Water Systems


Energy Projects  

D)   Cogeneration Power Plants
E)   Petrochemical Projects


Mining Engineering Support

F)    Landfills & Environmental
G)   Mining Projects

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